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Replacing Removable Partials

Often when people lose their back teeth, they replace them with a removable partial denture. Sometimes, they don't replace the back teeth at all, thinking that if they don't show when smiling, they don't need to be replaced. If back teeth are not replaced, your bite (how upper and lower teeth fit together) will be compromised, which may result in headaches, teeth grinding, and other problems associated with TMJ disorder. This also happens with a removable partial that no longer fits properly due to bone resorption, or deterioration.

A removable partial actually accelerates the bone resorption process, resulting in more rapid bone deterioration. In addition, the clasps that hold the partial in place put extreme pressure on the natural teeth they hook onto, loosening them and in many cases, eventually leading to the loss of those teeth. Most patients with partial dentures state that they are uncomfortable and that they rarely wear them.

Also, as the bite collapses from the bone loss, the facial appearance will change, visibly aging the lower half of the face with cheeks sinking inward and increased wrinkles around the mouth. Additionally, in order to accommodate chewing, the remaining teeth will shift out of place, moving toward the space left by missing teeth, and the front teeth will begin to flare out.

However, all of these problems can be eliminated if missing back teeth are replaced.

Dental implants will preserve bone and implant-supported replacement teeth will restore a proper bite (the way the upper and lower teeth come together). Surrounding teeth will not have space to shift out of place, which means that the appearance of the smile will stay intact. Replacing back teeth with dental implants will also give the facial skin underlying structure for a more youthful appearance.

replacingremovablepartialsThe advantages of replacing multiple missing teeth with implant-supported bridges include the following:

• They look feel and function like natural teeth

• They are more comfortable and stable than partial dentures

• Natural biting and chewing capacity is restored

• They virtually stop the bone resorption process (deterioration)

• The integrity of the facial structures is maintained

• Adjacent natural teeth are not compromised

• A more youthful appearance can be renewed

If you are interested in replacing your partial denture, you can learn more about your treatment options by attending one of the free dental implant seminars offered by the Arizona Institute for Periodontics and Dental Implants. Sign up here or call (623) 584 0664 for the next seminar in your area or for more information, or to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a specialist in periodontics and dental implants.


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