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Marketing Myths About Dental Implants

X-ray rendering of the lower jaw with a dental implant placed next to heathy teeth

Myth: Any dentist is qualified to surgically place dental implants.

It is true that legally, any licensed dentist can perform dental implant procedures. That being said most dentists have only had abbreviated, one-off courses on the placement of dental implants. Many dentists may not have the experience or training needed to deal with the potential complications that may arise from a dental implant procedure.

As with any procedure, you want the right professional for the job. You wouldn't go to an oral surgeon to receive routine dental care, like a cleaning or a filling. Further, you shouldn't trust complex and specialized procedures like dental implant placement to a general dentist. In the right hands dental implant surgery is an extremely successful procedure with few potential complications.

Surgical specialists go through lots of rigorous training and education in order to perfect this procedure whereas dentists generally take a one-size-fits-all course on dental implant placement. Generally, these courses are not complete enough to prepare a dentist to properly diagnose or predict the potential complications that are inherent in surgical procedures like dental implant placement.

Like any procedure or surgery, it is important that the patient educate themselves on the training and experience of their dental professional to better understand their credentials. Dr. Davis is happy to answer any questions you may have about his extensive qualifications to help put your mind at ease.

Myth: Implant "super" centers are the leaders in implant dentistry and they have more experience than other practices.

It would be disingenuous to say that doctors in implant super centers don't have the experience and education required to properly perform implant procedures. Certainly, many of them are industry leaders. However, the idea that only doctors within super centers are industry leaders is just not true.

The vast majority of industry leading clinicians are in private practice. These are professionals who publish articles in scientific journals and give lectures to their peers throughout the world. Many private practice doctors have substantially more experience in the field of implant placement than their super center peers.

The real issue that you should consider as a patient is, what you want your implant experience to be like. Super centers have corporate offices that enforce strict time limits with a hard focus on keeping the cost of treating you to a minimum. What this means for you when you get treated at a super center is a brief consultation with your doctor, and often you are hurried out the door. Dr. Davis has a strong desire to make sure you are comfortable, understand the procedure, and most importantly, he is concerned about your health. He is willing to go the extra mile to give you the personal touch that you simply cannot find in a super center environment.

All we ask is that before you make the decision to have a super center perform your dental implant procedure, please come in and see us for a no obligation consultation. We are certain that you will choose us!

Myth: All dental implant treatment is the same quality, so it makes sense to shop for the lowest cost available.

This is one of the scarier myths out there about dental implant placement. It makes sense shopping for a bargain for a toy or a car, but not when it comes to medical procedures like dental implants. Not every doctor who offers implant procedures uses quality materials. It is a frightening thing to consider when you realize that an inferior product is being implanted into your body!

It can be tempting to shop around for the best price when considering dental implants. The procedure is not cheap and people have a desire to save money and we don't fault them for that. When shopping for dental implants though, it might be wise to take a step back and consider that this is a procedure that should withstand the test of time. You also want to maintain your health and be able to use your implant exactly as you might your real teeth.

So when you consider any type of surgical procedure of prosthetic device please weigh the quality of the implants and components equally with the price of the procedure. Your health is on the line. The results of shopping for bargain implant procedures are usually the use of inferior components. Sometimes bargain shopping for implants means less time spent on the diagnostic and planning phase of your procedure. This can lead to a rushed procedure that may not take into consideration all of your needs.

Sometimes, as a way to cut costs, the labs that fabricate your implants will use inferior materials. At best this can lead to a poor quality, ill-fitting implant. Often such oversights can lead to functionality issues with your implant or even poor aesthetics.

The biggest risk of having a cheap implant procedure done is to your health. If something goes wrong with your procedure because of the incompetence of the doctor or the staff, you may end up needing to have the procedure done again. This can easily double the original cost of the procedure. In the long run it will probably end up being much less expensive to have the procedure done well the first time, than having to pay for the mistakes of having it done at bargain prices. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Myth: It is better to go to an implant "super" center for implant treatment where everything is done under one roof.

We certainly recognize the temptation of convenience. With that in mind the option that we feel you should put the most value in is the expertise of the doctor. Yes, super centers have the advantage of being able to have everything done under the same roof.

We have to ship our orders for implants to a laboratory to be crafted according to the specifications that we list. A super center can fabricate you implants within their own facilities. It still takes them time to craft your implant, and you are still going to be required to come back for a second visit. In the end it is best to evaluate the expertise of the doctor and make sure that you trust their ability to perform the procedure.

Myth: Mini implants can be substitute for standard implants and they are non-invasive, permanent, and more affordable than other implants.

Advertisements for mini implants are often extremely misleading. What they advertise is a procedure that is less invasive, more affordable, and just as permanent as standard dental implants. The reality of mini implants is there is less "surgery" but the procedure certainly is not simple.

Mini implants were not originally meant to be permanent. They were originally designed to be transitional implants that were used to stabilize dentures for a short period of time while the bone adjusted to the standard implants that would eventually support the replacement teeth. Basically, mini implants are designed only to be a temporary solution to some specific dental procedures. If they are implemented with the intention of being permanent teeth, they run a very serious risk of cracking or chipping.

Further, there is very little data on the long term effects of mini implants being used as permanent implants. It should be noted that they could pose a threat to your oral health.

Myth: "Teeth-in-a-Day" represents advanced technology that is now available for anyone and it is less expensive than traditional implant treatment.

The biggest myth about Teeth-in-a-Day is that it doesn't take one day for the procedure to be done. During the initial appointment you will have an evaluation done with a 3D CAT scan. Virtual planning software is used to design the implant and evaluate how it will be placed within the mouth. Essentially Tooth-in-a-Day allows doctors to place the replacement teeth the same day - although it is not the same day as the evaluation and diagnostics appointment.

What Tooth-in-a-Day offers is an expedited form of dental implant surgery. This can be a great benefit to those who qualify for the Tooth-in-a-Day procedure but many patients do not. It should be noted that many of the advertisements for Tooth-in-a-Day make claims that regular dental implant procedures are outdated and take too long. In reality regular dental implant procedures are a tried and true method for receiving long lasting, high quality dental implants. Keep in mind that advertising is just that - advertising. It is meant to make you buy a specific product, not the best product. Make certain to do you due diligence when researching what kind of dental implant procedure you wish to receive.

We hope that this has helped to clear the air of the most common myths surrounding dental implants. We encourage you to give us a call at (623) 584-0664 if you have any questions about any part of the dental implant procedure. It is our job to care for your mouth and we take it very seriously. So give us a call to schedule your no obligation consultation today!
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