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Patient Testimonials

What are our periodontal patients saying about us? We treat our patients well and it seems they've returned the favor:

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TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental Implantsexcellent care and attention
I needed new dentures and found out I didn't have enough bone structure in the lower jaw to hold a regular denture. So I contacted Dr. Davis, and he explained the process of implants. No rocking or slippage. I can eat anything without a problem. Glad I did it.

Dr. Davis has been the kindest, most concerned dentist I ever had. He went to great lengths to explain the process of implants before we started.

I highly recommend Dr. Davis and the implants.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsI appreciate the professional expertise of you and your staff
It is a pleasure to write a testimonials regarding my recent dental implants. The anticipation of having the procedure done far outweighed the actual procedure and the recovery time that followed. Prior to arriving at the office the day of the implant treatment, I was very nervous. Much to my surprise, I experienced very minor discomfort, and it lasted for only a few hours.

The reason that I decided to have implant was due to my need for two lower replacements. I am a very active person, and I wanted the security of knowing that I would be able to eat and chew any form of food with the type of treatment I selected. With this in mind, I decided on dental implants. This was the right decision for me. The final outcome was great, and I am comfortable and confident of the results.

I appreciate the professional expertise of you and your staff. Thanks to you, my implant treatment was successful!


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental Implantsthe implants have restored my self-confidence
At 26 years of age, soon after my second daughter was born, I was informed I had a calcium deficiency, and sever dental degeneration. Subsequently, all of my teeth were extracted and replaced by dentures. I'd rather forget how much time and money was expended for new replacement dentures over the years.

While vacationing in Oregon three years ago, my lower denture broke in half. Fortunately, we were visiting our daughter, who was able to arrange an appointment for me with her dentist. He repaired the denture, but made no promises that it would hold. The benefits of implants were addressed, and he encouraged me to see a periodontist upon my return home. I did!

With confidence, I can attest that, following implant surgery by Dr. Leslie Davis, I experience no pain whatsoever; the pain medication prescribed for me was never opened!

It has been fifty years since I was able to bite and chew foods like apples, corn on the cob, steak, and hard crusty breads; tough these are only some of the foods I enjoy, I hesitated eating them prior to my implants because of discomfort. One cannot imagine the money that I have spent for adhesives to hold the lower denture so that I could masticate my food; even then there was no guarantee the denture would hold its position.

My family and friends assure me that the new dentures have improved my appearance- maybe? But, what is most implant to me is that the implants have restored my self-confidence. I no longer need to be concerned with my dentures moving, as they, I'm sure, function as well as natural teeth.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsI have highly recommended you to my family and friends
Once again, I want to thank you for all the excellent care and attention you so masterfully extended to me last year. I walked in terrified, with a tooth falling out, and left after wonderful treatment- better educated and with a transplant and confidence.

I have highly recommended you to my family and friends and join your many fans and satisfied patients.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental Implantsthe implants look and work like natural teeth
Approximately one year ago, I was faced with the decision between having two dental implants or leaving spaces in my mouth, which would have limited chewing capabilities, as well as compromising other teeth. (Bridges were not a viable alternative.)

Implants represented an unknown quantity. I was concerned about the discomfort of the procedure, the possibility of complications, and the long-term success of these new teeth.

I can say that the procedure and healing time were far less uncomfortable than other procedures I have had, including periodontal surgery. I did not experience any difficulties, and six months later, the new crowns were in place. In addition to the dentist's skill, carefully following directions and a positive attitude are important.

Today, the implants look and work like natural teeth. I believe that in my case, this was the right decision. I would be happy to talk with anyone who has similar concerns.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental Implantsit's as if I had been given a new lease on life
May I apologize for my tardiness in responding to my commitment to provide testimonial on your services and on the positive outcome with my dental implants. I am grateful for the confidence implied in my experience, assisting others who may be considering a similar procedure.

Let me begin by announcing to you and to those who may read this missive that my only wish today is that I had undertaken the procedure many years ago. What a difference! Clearly, I suffered, as you well know, from an inability to chew foods. My dentures were slipping, my bottom gum line was tender and often raw. Eating had become bothersome, rather than the pleasure it is. I found myself between "a rock and a hard spot," as it were.

It was not without some fear and trepidation that I approached you and this procedure and in both instances, I made very wise decisions. Dr. Davis, is incumbent that I compliment you on the service provided, on the manner in which you addressed my questions, my fears, and the procedure itself. You not only met but, really, exceeded any expectations I may have had.

The service was wonderful; and having been for a very long time in the hospitality business, I know good service; and I would have no hesitation in recommending you, the human being, as well as the professional.

As it pertains to the procedure, it's as if I had been given a new lease on life. Literally, there are no restrictions on my eating habits, from corn on the cob to steak. Things that I have historically enjoyed, I am once again enjoying; and that has been made possibly only by your skillful execution of the procedure.

Again, please accept my apologies for my lateness in satisfying this commitment. Please know that I am happy with you and with the procedure, and so is Mother because, in that area, I have stopped complaining. Finally, know that I would stand in testimony and would be pleased to answer questions or comments should that be appropriate. For now, until my return to Arizona in late October, I'll leave with every good wish.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental Implantsa renewed life and smile
I debated whether to attend your latest implant seminar. I thought that there surely weren't many new developments in the past few years. Boy was I wrong!

Not only have implant techniques advanced, but costs have become more manageable.

I wish to thank you and your staff for making me feel welcome and giving me the courage and incentive to embark on a renewed life and smile!

I look forward to our journey!


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsI know that I am in good hands with Dr. Davis
I have been a patient of Dr. Davis' for 14 years. I had lost some teeth due to periodontal disease and had bridges done to replace the missing teeth. After a period of time, my supporting anchor teeth on the bridges decayed, and the bridges failed. With no posterior teeth left to anchor another bridge to, I had to look at other options to replace my missing teeth. I chose dental implants, because they are not removable like a partial, and it preserved my natural bone.

For the surgery appointment, I decided to use conscious IV sedation. I did feel a slight burning sensation when the IV was being placed, but that was the only discomfort I felt during surgery. I was aware of Dr. Davis working in my mouth and felt pressure, but never any pain. After the surgery, Dr. Davis did give me prescriptions for pain medication, but I am not a pill person. I went home and slept after surgery, then woke up hungry. I never took on pill for pain control. Dr. Davis advised me to keep to a soft diet for few days, but that was only temporary. I followed Dr. Davis' post-operative instructions and had no problems whatsoever!

Unfortunately, I may lose more teeth to periodontal disease. If that ever happens, I plan on having more dental implants placed, because I have been so pleased with the final results and benefits. In some ways, I feel that my implant supported crowns are better than my natural teeth, in that they are easier to clean and maintain. Whatever happens in the future with my dental health, I know that I am in good hands with Dr. Davis. I have complete confidence and trust in Dr. Davis and his staff.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsI am delighted
This is to let you know that I am delighted that I had my mouth reconstructed with dental implants. The results are fabulous! I think that they look very natural, and I am very happy.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsDr. Davis came across as very competent and knowledgeable
In 1968, my lower molars were surgically removed, due to disintegration of the teeth. During the ensuring 25 years, I had tried four different prosthetic devices, but all with no success, due to severe pain, even though my full upper gave me no discomfort.

A point was reached where the remaining lower front teeth were taking such abuse that they were in danger of also being lost. It was fortuitous that at that time my dentist put me in contact with Dr. Leslie Davis as a candidate for dental implants.

Dr. Davis, on two different occasions, explained the procedure, showed me pictures, videos and graphs, defined x-rays that he took, and in short, he made me certain that I was totally informed about every facet of the surgery, including the risks. Having had 11 major surgeries prior, all with various complications, I was a bit apprehensive, but decided to go through with the procedure, for Dr. Davis came across as very competent and knowledgeable, his easy and outgoing manner allayed my fears.

Furthermore, he was highly recommended by my dentist of 18 years. The implantation was done in two stages, so as to minimize discomfort, and the entire staff was very solicitous, in fact Dr. Davis called me several times at home to inquire after my status.

There have been no complications, the maintenance is very easy, I can chew what I like, my digestion has greatly improved, and the endangered front teeth were rescued. Thank you Dr. Davis!


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsMany thanks to you and your staff for the excellent treatment
I am most happy to provide a testimonial to you on my experience with dental implants. The reason I had dental implants placed was because I had no other options. I was not able to chew my food properly. I fooled around with bridges and dentures for a period of time and found they were not sufficient for me. I could not laugh or talk easily because the denture covered the roof of my mouth. I was happy to find another option with dental implants.

I had my dental implants placed in November of 1995. I have to say there was not much discomfort at all after the procedure. If I had it to do all over again, I would in a minute. I now have complete confidence with eating, laughing, and talking. I understand how important it is to clean my dental implants, but daily maintenance is easy.

Many thanks to you and your staff for the excellent treatment I have received.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsI am thrilled at the outcome
I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for your expertise and gentle, thoughtful, care during the last year's journey toward the restoration of my dental health and well-being.

My implants are so very beautiful and now I can smile with abandon and am doing so every day! And, oh, the joy of being able to eat whatever I wish. As an example, for me, half the pleasure of a crisp, juicy apple is in that first crunchy bite. It has been years since I've been able to enjoy that.

Another bonus with my implants is the restoration of the sensations of chewing which one has with natural teeth.

I was "sold" on implants before we started the process, and the results have exceeded my expectations. I certainly would recommend dental implants to anyone who is faced with deciding between dentures and implanted teeth.

Yes, it took a year from start to finish, and yes, sometimes I felt impatient, but I knew the result would be well worth the effort. So I did my best to follow all instructions, and to be the best patient I could be, as my part in the process.

I am thrilled at the outcome, and I know that anyone so fortunate as to be your patient will be more than pleased as well.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsI love the ability I have to eat and chew whatever I want
I was a full upper and lower denture wearer since the age of 24. I never really felt well, because I couldn't eat a well-balanced diet. I was never able to go out to eat and order anything off the menu that I wanted. I could only order those things that I could chew with my dentures. Now, with my implant supported denture, I can eat anything I want, from apples to corn on the cob. It's just like I remember when I had my natural teeth.

I saw Dr. Davis, because I no longer had any bone to support my lower denture. It was more and more difficult to function with my dentures. Dr. Davis placed 4 implants in my lower jaw, which could be used to help support my denture. The surgery went well, and I healed very quickly, even though shortly after surgery, I found out I was diabetic.

There was a 6 month wait from the time my implants were placed and my final over denture was made. During that time, my diet was restricted to very soft foods and a lot of milkshakes. I was very impatient and anxious to be done with my treatment. In the end, it was all worth the effort. I love the ability I have to eat and chew whatever I want. I would have dental implants placed again and would recommend them to friends. I am very pleased with the final results. Thank you Dr. Davis!


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsI couldn't have imagined a better result
On a check-up visit after a root extraction, which would have warranted a new 5-unit bridge, Dr. Davis told me I was a candidate for 2 implants. I was immediately apprehensive about this. The thought of the pain that could be involved in this procedure worried me. However, Dr. Davis explained to me that the procedure would be preferred, as opposed to removing two good crowns, and replacing the two good crowns with two more for the spaces empty, and a fifth to connect the bridge at the other end. I have a friend who had just recently had the first implant procedure done, waiting for completion. This was all done by Dr. Davis. He wisely advised me to talk to my friend, (which had been in my mind since this discussion began). I told him I would, and he also advised me to bring my husband in, and we'd talk more about it.

Of course, my main concern was the pain involved. So, I discussed it with my friend, asking her how painful the procedure was. She told me no more than an extraction. Well, Dr. Davis had done the extraction, sending me home with pain killers as needed, and I had only taken one of those pills. Had no further pain. So, I considered the procedure a bit more favorably, even though the cost would be somewhat more than the bridge.

When the first procedure was completed, again Dr. Davis sent me home with a prescription for pain killers. I took one of these tablets when I got home, and another at bedtime, even though there was no pain. I was worried about a night's sleep. I never took another pain killer and felt absolutely no pain the area.

The first procedure was in early April, and the final crowns were affixed in early August. I couldn't have imagined a better result. These teeth have the feeling of being so strong and solid.

I am a very happy patient.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsI would recommend Dr. Davis and his staff to anyone
A verbal description of the implant procedure can be intimidating, but I would like to assure you that Dr. Davis can accomplish this procedure with very little discomfort and a caring, professional, approach. He and his staff are concerned about your comfort and will take every precaution to make this as pleasant as possible.

I had been a 40+ year smoker who had already lost several teeth and had complicated bridgework to fill in the gaps. I was highly motivated to find a better solution and was mentally prepared to suffer whatever discomfort was required to keep my remaining natural teeth. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did not have to suffer physical pain in order to do this. It has been almost two years since the procedure was completed, and I am thoroughly satisfied. I cannot distinguish between natural teeth and the implants.

I would recommend Dr. Davis and his staff to anyone who wished to preserve their natural teeth, as well as their dignity, in the aging process. Please feel free to call me in you have further questions.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsI am very happy that I chose to have this work done
I would like to thank you and your very capable staff for your excellent care, concern, and kindness to me during the time of my recent implants.

It was not an easy decision for me to make, to go ahead with this extensive dental work, for several reasons- my age, the length of time involved in having this work done, and the estimated cost involved. I did talk with acquaintances who had implants, and also with my children and husband, and then decided it was the best choice for me personally.

The pain level in this procedure was minimal for me.

I am very happy that I chose to have this work done. I shall do my best to maintain my teeth in such a way that your efforts will be worthwhile.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental ImplantsThe fit and bite are fantastic
I feel I need to express my sincere thanks in print to both of you for what you've done to improve my life.

On September 1, 2009, Doctor "X" forcibly removed two of the four implants from my jaw, which had been in place for over eight years. On September 2, 2009, I embarked on a journey to rectify the problem with Dr. Davis. After lengthy consultations, we embarked on a program of bone augmentation in the upper jaw and ultimately, several new implants. After several months, Dr. Davis referred me to Dr. Bailey, who would continue the process.

After many months of measuring and fitting, Dr. Bailey came up with what I consider a masterpiece. I've had the prosthesis now for three days, and I am totally unaware of its presence. The fit and bite are fantastic, and I have my palate back.

After this experience, I consider you both to be "magicians."

Again, thank you both for the patience (and endurance) you've exhibited in rectifying a bad situation. I look forward to continuing the relationships (and friendship) we've developed over the past two years.


TESTIMONIAL STARS Dentist Davis Arizona Institute Periodontics Dental Implantsthank you for giving me another chance at life
I wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me, and you continue to amaze me with your kindness, skill, courtesy, and compassion. I truly wish there were a way that your demeanor toward your patients could be taught and required of every doctor in this country as a requirement to gaining their license to practice. I have mentioned before the difficulty my family has encountered with most other doctors in the past, and you have restored my faith that there are true healers in this world who strive on bettering the quality of life.

Again, thank you for giving me another chance at life. Please feel free to post this on your website as a testimonial to your work.

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